VCS Mid Season Classic Saturday Schedule

Hello Everyone,

Here is the schedule for Saturday.

VCS Mid Season Classic Saturday RR Schedule

Couple Rules to go over:

1) Most important Rule-Any team caught with outside alcohol on site will be disqualified from the tournament immediately, this includes the parking lot. Do not bring outside alcohol to this tournament. The beer garden will open at 11am and be open all day. All alcohol on site must be purchased there and drank within the fences. The beer garden is cash only and for those of you who don’t know, is located at diamond #1. We can lose the whole facility if any alcohol is consumed outside the beer garden so we will have people out watching-please don’t be the team we make an example of. Please plan responsibly and arrange for safe rides home.

2) Scores: All scores must be reported to the beer garden throughout the day-it is the winning teams responsibility to do this. At the end of the day any games where we didn’t get a score will be scored as a 7-7 tie, we wont chase people we don’ have time so make sure you report.

3)Food will be on site. We have different food trucks coming each day.

They set up in the parking lot.

4) Game times: Game time limits will be 55 minutes-no new innings after 55 minutes will be started. Please make sure your team is at the assigned diamond and ready to go at least 10 mins before your start time. We will be very strict with game times especially start times.

5) Rules: please see 2017 VCS Tournament Rules . There will also be printed rules sheets at the field.

6) Please make sure that if any injuries happen you inform the umpire so they can do an SPN report, we will also have St John’s ambulance on site so make sure to notify them as well of any injuries they are happy too help.

7) Weather: games will be played rain or shine. There is no way to reschedule this so make sure your team knows this. Weather network says it should be hot and Sunny this weekend so shouldnt be an issue! Bring your sunscreen!

8) Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to division winners and division finalists. Someone from your team must be there to collect them at the end of the day when we do the wrap up. If no one from your team is present then you forfeit your prizing-we wont chase people.

9) Please be responsible and plan safe rides home for you and your team.

If you need us to call you a taxi let either Jason or myself know and we will call one for you.

10) Dogs: we love dogs, but please make sure any dogs at the park are on leash, especially in the beer garden as not everyone loves dogs like we do and they tend to kick up a lot of dust.

11) Children-Are welcome at the park but they are not allowed in the beer garden. So please do not bring them in. We can lose our license. Children are of course welcome at the park, just not in the beer garden.

12) Have fun and show respect to your opponents and the umpires.

As always any questions just let us know-otherwise good luck this weekend!

Frank Potts/Jason Jung
Vancouver Co-ed Slopitch League

Riverway Field Map:

Riverway Diamond & Facility Map