VCS League Mid-Season Tournament Round Robin Schedule

Hello Everyone:

Here’s the SATURDAY ROUND ROBIN schedule.

Thanks for your patience.

A few other notes for the Captains please:

  1. Tournament Packages will be available for pick up by the concession area.
  2. All teams will be responsible for ensuring tournament waivers are filled out for those who have not signed an SPN waiver on the SPN system. These are due by the end of your first game. Turn these in to the Beer Garden Table.
  3. Home team is determined by a coin toss by the umpire.
  4. Scores must be reported after your game. Scores not reported will be deemed a 7-7 tie.
  5. 6th and 7th innings are open.
  6. No more than 2 male batters in a row on lineup.
  7. A walk to any male with a female following will result in 2 bases awarded.
  8. All other league rules will apply.
  9. No outside liquor allowed due to liquor license rules. Those caught violating are subject to ejection from the tournament.
  10. All liquor must be consumed within beer garden area.
  11. No minors permitted in beer garden by requirement of the RCMP and City of Burnaby.
  12. Please report to your game at least 15 minutes early.