As of 9:24am all Sunday September 22nd games are CANCELLED

As of:    9:24am

Unfortunately due to field play-ability issues and the fact that the forecast today is for more rain until 3pm, we don’t anticipate the fields to be in a condition to play.

Therefore all remaining games today are CANCELLED.

We will not be able to make these games up and therefore they will not be counted in the standings for seeding purposes.

For the teams that came out to the first game, it was our intention to play the games but it wasn’t in the cards. Thank you all for making the effort to make it on time. We know some of you came from close and far, and woke up early to make it.

We’re sorry it didn’t go as planned and hate that you made the trip out and didn’t get to play.

Try to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

For teams playing this week, the forecast is for more rain. We will post up on game day as early as possible as to whether the games are on or not. But please note that all games cancelled at this point onwards will not be able to be rescheduled.

Unfortunately I can’t control the weather despite how much I want you guys to be able to play.