Sunday Ice Breaker Schedule

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrows schedule is below. Simply click on the Image to view the schedule. It will be a two game round robin, followed by reseeding on the RR results, and then a modified Double Header format for tomorrow. If your team played a game this morning, then you would only play 1 RR game tomorrow morning, as the results from the morning games today stand as your 1st game of the RR.

Teams will play a minimum of 3 games tomorrow, to a potential maximum of 6 games.

Two things to note. For the 8am Games, there may need to be some field drainage in the morning. If you can help squeegie/rake it would be appreciated. We did a lot once the rain stopped today, so it should be fairly minimal as far as work that needs to be done but just be prepared in case there is extra work to be done on the fields.

Second, Since we have a tight window for reseeding teams for the knockout portion, please ensure once your games are complete, to submit scores as soon as possible. This is also very important for teams involved in the 10:30am games. Please send someone from your teams to submit scores as soon as the games are completed so we can finish the seeding and get those turned around ASAP.

We thank everyone for their efforts today, and we look forward to a great day of Ball Tomorrow.

Sunday Schedule:

Jason & Brett
VCS League