Playoff Information and Seeding (as of Friday)


Hi Everyone,

Here are the game schedules for the playoffs. Please send us your missing scores to immediately.

Teams with games ending Friday, I’ll my best to get you seeded. There may be movement so be prepared to play in the spots shown where you might anticipate finishing based on your possible final standings.

  • A/B division will split into 4 – A division and 5 B-division teams.
  • One team will be moving up to A.
  • One team will move from B division to C division.
  • One team will move from C division to B division.
  • Possible One D team will move to E
  • Possible One E team will move to D

Seedings (as of October 4th at 11:40am)

Here is the SATURDAY DRAW:


  1. Nasty Dogs
  2. Bomb or Nothin
  3. Rowdyz
  4. Off Constantly


  1. Jagerbombs
  2. Ball Busters
  3. Los Lobos
  4. Masterbatters
  5. Down & Dirty


  1. Panda Punchers
  2. Caught Looking
  3. Mom’s Spaghetti
  4. Blazers
  5. 99 Problems
  6. Formosa
  7. Rain City
  8. Grumpy Granolas
  9. Pirates
  10. Roadhouse Raiders

Here is the SUNDAY DRAW:


  1. BBM
  2. Sluggers
  3. Team Friendship
  4. BBJC
  5. Vancouver Reign

E-Division: (Both “Pitches be” teams make sure you know which is your team, I’ve coloured them differently)

  1. Nasty Birds
  2. Pitches be Cray
  3. The Peckers
  5. Saved by the Ball
  6. Trash Pandas
  7. Shrieking Eels
  8. Red Dragons


It’s supposed to be okay for weather but let’s hope for good weather all weekend because there is no other option for playoffs.