Sunday June 10th – GAMES ARE ON

Hi Everyone:

Just a note that all games are on as scheduled today. If games are cancelled, they will be called at the field UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED on the website.

Please report to your games ready to play.

Also, please note the Field Change for The Birds/Grumpy Granolas & Oakland Eh’s/Bat Flips and Co. Your games are now at Terry Hughes Field in New West and NOT at Burnaby North.

Sunday June 3d – GAMES ARE ON

Hi Everyone:

Just a note that all games are on as scheduled today unless otherwise noted on the website. The games are considered on and can be cancelled at the discretion of the Umpires at the Field if conditions quickly become unsafe as deemed by them.

Thank You.

VCS League

Notice from City of Burnaby

Hello everyone,

Please see the following message below from the City of Burnaby regarding a recent theft during a game at Squint Lake involving a different league.

Please be aware that there are reports of a theft occurring at Squint Lake Park recently. An individual (clean-cut, mid 20s, about 5’10” with sandy colored hair and wore jeans and a hoody) was seen ‘hanging around’ the dugout areas on May 20th and stole a bat. Please be careful to secure personal property and equipment during games/practices. If you see somebody acting suspiciously, don’t hesitate to contact the police.

Thank You

VCS League

Ice Breaker Saturday Round Robin Schedule 2018

Hello everyone,

Here is the schedule for this Saturday’s Ice Breaker Tournament.


A reminder again, NO outside alcohol is permitted this weekend. If your team is caught drinking outside alcohol on the property it is grounds for immediate dismissal from the tournament and potentially the league as well. The Beer Garden will be open at 11am.

Please Show up to your gametime at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and be ready to play.

Winning Teams please report the scores to the Beer Garden after the game. Unreported scores will result in a 7-7 Tie.

Riverway Field Map:

Sunday game times will be announced once all the games are completed on Saturday and be posted on the website on Saturday Night.

Lets have a great weekend everyone!

VCS League

Practice Fields

Hello everyone,

Attached is the list of fields available for practice. These fields are first come first serve and each field reserved is for a time of 2 hours.

You may book 1 field now, and next friday, if there are fields available still, you may contact me to book additional fields.

Please send me an Email at with the field you’d like to reserve. You must get a confirmation from me to confirm you have the field as I will not be monitoring the email 24/7 so it will be determined via time stamp if there are any duplicate requests before the spreadsheet is updated.

A reminder as well you are not to use the equipment in the lock boxes for these practices.

VCS Practice Fields 2018

Thank You.

VCS League