2017 Fall Ball Playoff Information

Playoffs this year are set for Saturday Sep 30th and Sunday Oct 1st at Softball city.

A/D/E Division will play Saturday Sep 30th (possible games will go into the evening) B/C Division will play Sunday Oct 1st (should be done by dinner)

The playoff schedule will come out the week of the playoffs after the last league games are done-at this point that looks to be mid week. Please remember we will most likely be moving some teams up/down in divisions based on caliber of play. We told all of you this at the Captains meeting and advised you to make sure your players have both days off and are prepared for either day-this has not changed, so please make sure your team is ready for the possibility of either day. We have no other days to play the playoffs so that is it-please make sure your team is there regardless of weather. Games will be called at the field. Players require a minimum of 6 games to be eligible for playoffs. This is on the honor system so please make sure you follow this rule. We will be collecting keys at the playoffs as well-make sure you bring yours.

Please ensure all of your scores are up to date as standings from the Regular Season will be used to determine Playoff Seeding. If you are missing scores, please send them to scores@vcsleague.com ASAP.


Frank Potts/Jason Jung
Vancouver Co-ed Slopitch League