Playoff Information and Seeding (as of Friday)


Hi Everyone,

Here are the game schedules for the playoffs. Please send us your missing scores to immediately.

Teams with games ending Friday, I’ll my best to get you seeded. There may be movement so be prepared to play in the spots shown where you might anticipate finishing based on your possible final standings.

  • A/B division will split into 4 – A division and 5 B-division teams.
  • One team will be moving up to A.
  • One team will move from B division to C division.
  • One team will move from C division to B division.
  • Possible One D team will move to E
  • Possible One E team will move to D

Seedings (as of October 4th at 11:40am)

Here is the SATURDAY DRAW:


  1. Nasty Dogs
  2. Bomb or Nothin
  3. Rowdyz
  4. Off Constantly


  1. Jagerbombs
  2. Ball Busters
  3. Los Lobos
  4. Masterbatters
  5. Down & Dirty


  1. Panda Punchers
  2. Caught Looking
  3. Mom’s Spaghetti
  4. Blazers
  5. 99 Problems
  6. Formosa
  7. Rain City
  8. Grumpy Granolas
  9. Pirates
  10. Roadhouse Raiders

Here is the SUNDAY DRAW:


  1. BBM
  2. Sluggers
  3. Team Friendship
  4. BBJC
  5. Vancouver Reign

E-Division: (Both “Pitches be” teams make sure you know which is your team, I’ve coloured them differently)

  1. Nasty Birds
  2. Pitches be Cray
  3. The Peckers
  5. Saved by the Ball
  6. Trash Pandas
  7. Shrieking Eels
  8. Red Dragons


It’s supposed to be okay for weather but let’s hope for good weather all weekend because there is no other option for playoffs.




As of 9:24am all Sunday September 22nd games are CANCELLED

As of:    9:24am

Unfortunately due to field play-ability issues and the fact that the forecast today is for more rain until 3pm, we don’t anticipate the fields to be in a condition to play.

Therefore all remaining games today are CANCELLED.

We will not be able to make these games up and therefore they will not be counted in the standings for seeding purposes.

For the teams that came out to the first game, it was our intention to play the games but it wasn’t in the cards. Thank you all for making the effort to make it on time. We know some of you came from close and far, and woke up early to make it.

We’re sorry it didn’t go as planned and hate that you made the trip out and didn’t get to play.

Try to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

For teams playing this week, the forecast is for more rain. We will post up on game day as early as possible as to whether the games are on or not. But please note that all games cancelled at this point onwards will not be able to be rescheduled.

Unfortunately I can’t control the weather despite how much I want you guys to be able to play.



RESCHEDULED GAMES for games cancelled PRIOR to Sept 20th.

Attention Teams:

These are the rescheduled games for games cancelled occurring prior to September 20th.

Unfortunately, this all that is available.


24-Sep-19 Tuesday Burnaby North 1 8:55pm A/B NASTY DOGS ROWDYZ
24-Sep-19 Tuesday Squint Lake 1 6:25pm D NASTY BIRDS BBM
24-Sep-19 Tuesday Squint Lake 1 7:40pm D BBM NASTY BIRDS
27-Sep-19 Friday Burnaby North 1 6:25pm C MOM’S SPAGHETTI GRUMPY GRANOLAS
27-Sep-19 Friday Burnaby North 1 7:40pm C BLAZERS MOM’S SPAGHETTI
27-Sep-19 Friday Squint 1 6:25pm C BOMB OR NOTHIN ROWDYZ
27-Sep-19 Friday Squint 1 7:40pm C BOMB OR NOTHIN NASTY DOGS
27-Sep-19 Friday Squint 2 6:25pm C SAVED BY THE BALL PB CRAZY
27-Sep-19 Friday Squint 2 7:40pm C PB CRAZY SAVED BY THE BALL
29-Sep-19 Sunday Burnaby North 1 10:15am D PIRATES ROADHOUSE RAIDERS
1-Oct-19 Tuesday Squint Lake 2 6:25PM C TRASH PANDAS SAVED BY THE BALL
1-Oct-19 Tuesday Squint Lake 2 8:55PM C SAVED BY THE BALL TRASH PANDAS
2-Oct-19 Wednesday Squint Lake 1 6:25pm C PIRATES DOWN & DIRTY
2-Oct-19 Wednesday Squint Lake 1 7:40pm C CAUGHT LOOKING PIRATES
2-Oct-19 Wednesday Squint Lake 1 8:55PM C DOWN & DIRTY CAUGHT LOOKING

Playoff Division Days

Hi Everyone:

Looks like the the following divisions will be playing as follows:



Games on both days will begin as early as 8:00am.

Be prepared to play throughout the day on both days.

All games are held at SOFTBALL CITY.

As mentioned at the meeting, some teams will be re-seeded for competitive reasons into alternate divisions (bumped up or down depending on records).




Tuesday September 17th Games are: ON

Sorry everyone… games will be called at the diamonds tonight by the umpires.

Please show to your games and be prepared to play. THANK YOU for the effort.

I see a clearing or slow down in the precipitation around burnaby starting at about 5pm and spotty til mid-evening. Hopefully all goes okay.

…the joys of fall ball.



Sunday September 15 Games starting at 11:30am are: ON

Hi Everyone,

With some help (Thank you Dave for your help – I really appreciate it), we were able to assess the diamonds and they are playable and it is only drizzling at the moment (9:44am).

Please report to your games starting from 11:30am onwards.

The earlier games (9:15 and 10:30) are still cancelled.

If needed, the umpires will make a final decision.

I will continue to monitor the situation.

The next bank of games that will be up for a decision will be the 2pm and 3:15pm games.

I will not post up until at least 12:30pm if those games are cancelled so if it’s not up here, please plan to report to the field.

9:00am and 10:15am games for September 15 have been CANCELLED.

Please check back frequently to see whether or not your games will be cancelled.

Please also disregard the game window at the right of the screen. I will not be updating the games in the schedule. Just on the blog.

I will by to post up by 9:30am to give you enough time if your games start at 11:30am.

Please be aware that we will try to do our best to reschedule the games with the diamonds we have left. It may be necessary to have SATURDAY games if there are no other times remaining free for all the games that might get cancelled on the 15th.




Playoffs and Reschedule Games – UPDATE

Hi Everyone,

I’m going to be sorting out the playoffs days this weekend.

Just letting you know.

There are also a few games that need to be scheduled/rescheduled. I’ll be contacting you this weekend too with the dates.