Fall Ball Details are Posted!

Teams if you’re interested in playing more ball, check out the details on our fall season which starts in mid-August ending with a tournament out at Softball City on October 5/6 weekend!

To register, email jason@vcsleague.com right away!


Games July 7th are: ON

Games are ON and will be called at the fields today by the umpires if playable. All teams are required to show up to games unless they are officially cancelled.

If certain games and locations are cancelled updates will be posted online. Please check back on the site periodically.






VCS League Mid-Season Tournament Round Robin Schedule

Hello Everyone:

Here’s the SATURDAY ROUND ROBIN schedule.

Thanks for your patience.

A few other notes for the Captains please:

  1. Tournament Packages will be available for pick up by the concession area.
  2. All teams will be responsible for ensuring tournament waivers are filled out for those who have not signed an SPN waiver on the SPN system. These are due by the end of your first game. Turn these in to the Beer Garden Table.
  3. Home team is determined by a coin toss by the umpire.
  4. Scores must be reported after your game. Scores not reported will be deemed a 7-7 tie.
  5. 6th and 7th innings are open.
  6. No more than 2 male batters in a row on lineup.
  7. A walk to any male with a female following will result in 2 bases awarded.
  8. All other league rules will apply.
  9. No outside liquor allowed due to liquor license rules. Those caught violating are subject to ejection from the tournament.
  10. All liquor must be consumed within beer garden area.
  11. No minors permitted in beer garden by requirement of the RCMP and City of Burnaby.
  12. Please report to your game at least 15 minutes early.

VCS Mid-Season Tournament Game Schedule Update

Hi Everyone,

We had a last minute cancellation. We are looking to fill the spot as it would change the schedule if not. Since we’d rather not release a schedule and then change it, we will be waiting a couple of days at the most to see if the last spot can be filled. The Full Saturday Schedule will be posted on site by no later then Thursday at 9am. The Game Time slots for Saturday are listed below.¬†Each team will have 3 games so you’ll be playing in only 3 of the slots listed. You will either start at 9:30am or 11:00am. Based on the slot duration, all teams should be able to get a full 7-inning game completed.






The Sunday draw will be a double knockout with a SINGLE game final.



Sunday Ice Breaker Schedule

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrows schedule is below. Simply click on the Image to view the schedule. It will be a two game round robin, followed by reseeding on the RR results, and then a modified Double Header format for tomorrow. If your team played a game this morning, then you would only play 1 RR game tomorrow morning, as the results from the morning games today stand as your 1st game of the RR.

Teams will play a minimum of 3 games tomorrow, to a potential maximum of 6 games.

Two things to note. For the 8am Games, there may need to be some field drainage in the morning. If you can help squeegie/rake it would be appreciated. We did a lot once the rain stopped today, so it should be fairly minimal as far as work that needs to be done but just be prepared in case there is extra work to be done on the fields.

Second, Since we have a tight window for reseeding teams for the knockout portion, please ensure once your games are complete, to submit scores as soon as possible. This is also very important for teams involved in the 10:30am games. Please send someone from your teams to submit scores as soon as the games are completed so we can finish the seeding and get those turned around ASAP.

We thank everyone for their efforts today, and we look forward to a great day of Ball Tomorrow.

Sunday Schedule:

Jason & Brett
VCS League

Saturday Tournament Games Rained Out

Hello Everyone,

Due to the conditions of the field, all remaining Saturday games are Rained Out.

The Beer Garden will be open until 2pm on Saturday even though games are off.

Schedule for tomorrow will be posted later tonight. please be prepared to play at 8am tomorrow as games will be starting then.

Thank You Everyone.

Jason & Brett

VCS League


Ice Breaker Saturday Round Robin Schedule 2019

Hello everyone,

Here is the schedule for this Saturday’s Ice Breaker Tournament.

A reminder again, NO outside alcohol is permitted this weekend. If your team is caught drinking outside alcohol on the property it is grounds for immediate dismissal from the tournament and potentially the league as well. The Beer Garden will be open at 11am.

Please Show up to your gametime at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and be ready to play.

Winning Teams please report the scores to the Beer Garden after the game. Unreported scores will result in a 7-7 Tie.

Riverway Field Map:

Sunday game times will be announced once all the games are completed on Saturday and be posted on the website on Saturday Night.

Lets have a great weekend everyone!

VCS League

Regular Season Schedule

The 2019 Schedule for all teams is now available on the website. You can either look at the full season schedule in the Excel Document on the Schedule & Standings Page, or, you can also click on your Team Name from the Standings Page, and all of your teams seasons game will show on your team page.

*Weekday Schedule is now updated and on website.

Good Luck to everyone this season!

VCS League